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About the Otis & Woods Art Collection

Otis & Woods is an art collection honoring our beloved animal family members. It’s our hope that you will connect with our art, purchase it, and then enjoy it.

We love our animals, we love art, and we’ve a strong interest in the evolving NFT space. The NFT technology enables us to do some cool things for the art and collector communities, such as multimedia unlockables, collaborations, and other cool ideas we’re not ready to reveal yet. And for us, because art is all about emotion, expression, communication, and community, we’ve decided that a portion of all proceeds will go to a charitable organization of our choice.

There are 520 Otis & Woods NFT collectables. The NFT’s will be released over 52 weeks in 26 drops. Each NFT will be unique (one of a kind).

We regularly collaborate with other artists to enhance a collection and extend the reach of all the artists involved. The NFT technology enables unique and interesting collaboration possibilities. If a drop includes an artist collaboration it will be clearly labeled and described.

Release Dates

The below table explains each drop, the collaborating artist, charity and amount raised. We will update this table upon each drop.

Drop Number Drop Date Artist Collab Charity Amount Raised
04/08/21 9:00PM EST
New York Bully Crew
$550 USD
04/22/21 7:00PM EST
Karen Jerzyk
Shelter Farm Sanctuary
TBD (Sale not complete)
05/06/21 6:30PM EST
ARTZ, feat. Tanxietyyy
Long Island Bulldog Rescue

How to Buy a Unique Otis & Woods Piece

The Otis & Woods NFT art collection is listed exclusively on OpenSea. Browse and purchase the original collection there. You can also browse below.

What is an NFT

If you’re not familiar with the terms “NFT” or the OpenSea platform, then there’s a chance you might be confused. This is not the place to learn about those things, but in short: the way you purchase and interact with the Otis & Woods art collection is through something called an “NFT”. OpenSea describes an NFT like this: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership. Examples include collectibles, game items, digital art, event tickets, domain names, and even ownership records for physical assets.

Artist Collaborations

As soon as we’re ready to reveal the first artist collaboration, that information will be displayed here. The first drop of 20 NFTs will include an artist collaboration, and frankly, it’s an awesome one! You’re not going to want to miss this.

Luvelli - Drop 1
Karen Jerzyk - Drop 2
ARTZ Ft. Tanxietyyy - Drop 3

Follow Otis & Woods on Social

We have an instagram and twitter account! Make sure to follow us for all the latest news. Use our social media to stay up to date on the latest drops! #Woof

Charitable Giving

25% – 33% of all sales will go to charitable organizations that we believe in. We present a range here because we may set goals for each collection and those goals may increase the amount we donate. As we release each part of our collection, we will announce the specific charities we’re donating to.

Drop 1
Drop 2
Drop 3

About The Artists

Otis & Woods is an art collection created by Matthew Weitzman and David Fugit. Matt and David co-founded Swarm Digital, a digital marketing company that operates out of New York and Florida. Matt and David are both classically trained artists who are finally able to share their cool ideas with the world. We’re at the bottom of this webpage because this art collection isn’t about us as artists. It’s about Otis & Woods, it’s about the artists we collaborate with, it’s about the exciting new NFT technology, and it’s about giving back to the community through charitable organizations. This isn’t about us and this isn’t about Swarm. We’re just two business owners trying to do something cool with our skills.
Some artists are shy or nervous about the idea of selling art. We’re not. It is our hope that people will enjoy this art and purchase it. Support art. Buy art. Thank you. We love you!

Contact Otis & Woods

Use the form below to contact us. If you’re looking to collaborate please use the message box to provide your collection name, URL to the collection, twitter and instagram links.